Photocatalytic Technology

NOx collecting cobblestones

Environmental pollution poses a risk to people's health, causing diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, heart attacks, etc.;

One solution to combat pollution is photocatalytic technology.

Photocatalytic technology is activated by natural sunlight. It is then, when the photocatalytic surface captures NOx from the air and uses sunlight to degrade the captured NOx, converting it into nitrate. Nitrate disappears from the surface with water from rainfall or regular irrigation resulting in clean air

It is effective?

100 m2 of our pavements with Noxoff photocatalytic technology neutralize the annual pollution of a common car (The emission of a Euro-5 class vehicle, 12,000 km per year). The reduction of NOx per year would be approximately 1 kg.

All our photocatalytic products are tested in accordance with ISO 22197-1. In order to ensure that the applied photocatalytic technology meets the most rigorous standards.

Hundreds of Laboratories and tests conducted in real situations have concluded that photocatalytic technology is a very effective method to reduce Nox emissions, especially in urban areas.

Investing in photocatalytic technology, Prefabricados Roda fights against environmental pollution, increasing air quality and decreasing the number of diseases caused by such pollution.