Prefabricados Roda

CO2 collecting cobblestones

Available in whole range of products

The prefabricated concrete can be made to benefit from photocatalytic properties. Nanomaterials elements operate reducing contamination using the energy of sunlight. This effect is due to the properties of TiO2 as semiconductor and products derived therefrom.


The decontaminating effect is well documented and verifiable by laboratory test method described in ISO 22197-1 and UNE 127197-1.


The decontamination effect is not exhausted since the semiconductor returns to its original state in contact with water. Being a product contained in the mass of the element is not degraded by attrition or external damage. The effectiveness is not limited to freeze / thaw even in the presence of deicing salts or prolonged exposure to UV.


Generated soluble salts are removed by rain and do not affect the water quality in cleaning since the amount of harmful material in the air, dissolved in water completely harmless. The nanoparticles containing the material surface are strongly attached thereto so that prolonged use and abrasion do not generate dust that may be hazardous to health.


Photocatalytic precast concrete significantly reduce pollution directly: NOx, SOx, VOC ... but indirectly also breaking the chain of formation of tropospheric ozone. His activity on organic compounds makes the action of rain clean the surface more effectively. Reduce the incidence of respiratory and eye diseases.